Dear Bill,

I ordered 4 sand art pictures as gifts at Christmas time.  My uncle, Michael was staying with us because his caretaker (my aunt) was in the hospital.  He loved them and I ordered one for him.  My aunt ended up passing in January.....Michael is in his 60's and is mentally handicapped.  He spends hours each day playing with his sand art...he calls it his game.  Three other people have placed orders as the result of seeing your product....I ordered two today.  I so appreciate the calmness it has given my uncle during this difficult time.  He has lost 3 other sisters in the past 16 months.....he carries it downstairs in the morning and goes back up with him at night.  Thank you!    Robin Aruzza


Hello Bill,

Is there a place I can add a review on your business/product? I am so wildly impressed by how quickly and effectively you've processed my order that I'd like to help support your efforts in any way I can! Thanks so much for making this gorgeous gift a reality!

Kindly,  Sarah M.

Hi Bill,

I received the air bubble kit today.  Many thanks.  Your art sits on my desk, and aside from being beautiful and entertaining, it has become part of my meditation practice.

Michael R.



I so appreciated your time taken today to call, take my order for six 9" X "12 Exotic Sands pieces for our 6 grand adults. My husband and I love the West and the desert colored round 11" one attracted me to the piece we bought last August in Michigan.  Everytime one of our grands gets to visit they head right for the circle, but ask if I have a design I love, or can they try another turn.  Of course it is meant to be moved when the hope strikes! What is especially nice to me is how well you followed up this morning and took the order and now I have seen the shipment notice. WOW!  If all small businesses acted accordingly, how much easier life would be. Our family owns a small packaging company right now and through the years, with many other companies and states, we believe in excellent customer service. It is not common in today's world, sadly.  May you have some happy moments during this holiday time. Since I am considered an 'older' generation, I don't address Christmas until after Thanksgiving.....therefore the decision for my order with you the week before Christmas!

Best Regards,  Jeannine D.



Your fix-it kit worked a small miracle! I can't tell you how much I appreciated your assistance. A very dear friend gave this treasure to me many years ago. He passed away recently and I feel as though I can spend time with him as I'm watching the sands fall.

You are such a gifted artist. Nobody takes the time to slow down and admire beauty anymore. Your works retrain us to look closely and slow down, so that we might witness the loveliness of novelty. My twin four yr olds are already captivated and that makes my heart smile ♡


Jennifer B.


Absolutely stunning piece. GORGEOUS colors! Just as described or prettier!!! 



How wonderful, thank you so much☺
And thank you for the beauty you bring into the world with your work. It is much appreciated by a lot of people , including myself.
With love from HLin☺♥

Good morning,  I recently purchased the large round cherry wood in ocean blue, and I have to tell you that I really love this product!  It's crafted so well, it's unique, and creates a peaceful ambiance. I purchased one last year, as a gift, in Myrtle Beach S.C at a retail shop.  I liked it so much that I decided to purchase one for myself.  I am so happy with this product and I will be purchasing again, the next time that I need to find a unique gift. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  five star product.         -Margaret Bachand