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 Welcome to the world of Exotic Sands!

Meet William Tabar, the mastermind behind the original Sand Art Designs since 1985. Our captivating creations blend time, gravity, liquid, and matter to craft stunning works of art perfect for any space. Whether adorning your home, office, or gifted to a loved one, Exotic Sands pictures are guaranteed to delight.

Ranked as the #1 gift in the United States year after year, each sand picture boasts a meticulous combination of sands sourced globally—from the shores of the Caribbean to the West African Coast. Our liquid solution, a closely guarded non-toxic trade secret, ensures longevity and vibrancy.

Choose from alder wood, cherry wood, or contemporary metal frames in black or silver, with four mesmerizing color combinations: ocean blue, summer turquoise, sunset orange, and arctic-glacier clear, all mounted on a swiveling pedestal.

With a simple shake and turn, witness magical sandscapes unfold before your eyes—mountains, lakes, deserts, and beaches dance in ever-changing formations. Each rotation reveals a fresh image, guaranteeing a unique visual experience every time.

Thank you for exploring our collection. We hope your new Exotic Sands picture brings endless joy and wonder into your life!

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