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William Tabar is the inventor and patent holder of the original Sand Art Designs dating back to 1985. His high quality fun creations combine time, gravity, liquid and matter to form colorful works of art to enjoy in any home, office or to give as a gift.  In fact, Exotic Sands pictures are ranked as the #1 gift made and sold in the United States year-after-year.
Each sand picture is crafted with pristine sands sourced from around the world including black sand from the West African Coast, powder white sand from the shores of the Caribbean, emerald green sand from coastal South America, and coral pink sand from Southern Utah. The liquid used in the pictures is a highly guarded, non-toxic trade secret solution.
Choose from alder wood, cherry wood or contemporary metal frames in black or silver. They are available in four different color combinations including ocean blue, summer turquoise, sunset orange and arctic-glacier clear and are mounted on a swiveling pedestal.
Shake and turn an Exotic Sands picture and watch it form magical sandscapes that include visions of mountains, lakes, deserts and beaches.  You get a fresh image with each turn, so you are always looking at a unique design.
Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy your new Exotic Sands picture! 

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